The Un-Couple

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

-Charles Bukowski

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Commitments Don’t Make Love Work, Love Does.

If you are following my posts, you now understand that Un-coupling is about loving someone without any commitments.  I often get this question below in some form or another, so I wanted to answer it thoroughly. Aren’t you afraid that without a commitment your person will leave you, or choose someone else? No. Let’s break…

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The Paradox of Uncoupling

Uncoupling is about Unconditional Love. If you’ve read the first two posts, then you are likely wondering why would any two people who love each other so well choose to avoid being together—as a couple. So here’s the primary explanation. Uncoupling isn’t about being single, or alone; it’s about being completely independent and free while…

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